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Aerosmith Merchandising


Aerosmith is a long-running hard rock band, originally forming in Boston, Massachusetts in the early 1970s. It enjoyed major popularity in the mid-1970s, but fell into decline and into temporary disunion. Nevertheless they would go on to enjoy a later resurgence in popularity starting in the late 1980s and continuing, at various levels, through the early to mid 2000s. History 1969 Steven Tyler, the lead vocalist for Aerosmith, was in, amongst others, a band called Chain Reaction (Not to be confused with Chain Reaction that formed in 1976 with future members of The Red Hot Chili Peppers), who recorded a single in 1966 (partly available on Aerosmith"s 1991 box release Pandora"s Box). He met Joe Perry, who was at the time playing in a band with bassist Tom Hamilton, while Perry was selling ice-cream in 1969, which eventually led to the formation of Aerosmith. 1970s The original lineup included Steven Tyler (lead vocals), Joe Perry (guitar) and Tom Hamilton (bass guitar), soon adding Ray Tabano as a second guitarist, then replacing him with Brad Whitford (formerly of Earth Inc.). Tyler, who was originally a drummer and singer, became a full-time vocalist when drummer Joey Kramer joined.